Learn Your Drum Rudiments Faster

Gone are the days of spending hours upon hours playing the rudiments on your practice pad with little results. Rudiment King is the world’s first drumming app designed to help you quickly and easily learn the drum rudiments and change your drumming forever!

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Improves your drumming in 5 ways!

You can practice your drum rudiments, anytime and anywhere.

Your timing will improve as you set the tempo and tap to the beat.

You will find new ideas for inspiring your creativity on the kit.

You will be more motivated to play the drums daily.

You will naturally create better sounding beats and fills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What phones and tablets will it work on?

Right now, Rudiment King is only available in the App Store for iOS 8.1 or later. We’re looking into developing it for Android, but in the meantime we appreciate your patience and support!

How exactly does Rudiment King work?

Rudiment King is an iOS game where you can use your thumbs/fingers to tap out the rudiments on the screen of your iPhone or iPad (iOS 8.1 or later).

You’ll enjoy a practice mode where you can select any rudiment, study the pattern, start the metronome, and tap along the pattern until you know it! And once you know your rudiments, you can play the real Rudiment King game where you’ll tap-out the rudiments against the clock, see how long you can last before the timer hits zero, and compete against your own personal records as well as your friends!

Here’s a video with all the details:

Is it hard to learn how to play?

Rudiment King is easy to learn and you’ll be playing within minutes! Because of the nature of drumming compared to tapping on a screen, you’ll need to learn a couple quick gestures - such as for flams or drags. But there’s a full tutorial prepared for you to help you get started!

Does this work with my practice pad?

Rudiment King is a game where you’ll be able to improve your memory and recollection of the rudiments, but it doesn’t include hitting anything with sticks or measuring your actual performance on a practice pad or the drums.

Of course, we always recommend using a practice pad or drum set when you can, but Rudiment King is a great way to have a bit more fun while studying the rudiments or to practice when your gear isn’t available.

Can it listen to me playing on the drums?

Sorry, but Rudiment King won’t listen to your playing or measure your results on the practice pad or the drums. But it will help you improve your cognitive recall of the rudiments -- and we’re sure you’ll notice an improvement on the drums!